Oi mikä pettymys lauantai-aamuna kun Mininovan hyppyavaruussilmät tuijottivat
tyhjyyttään. Silliman blogaa aiheesta.
A lot of the very best television, anything with a serious or complex story arc
(think West Wing, Twin Peaks or even Max Headroom back in the day), tends
to run into the network suits after a season or two, demanding stories that are
more self-contained. That's what allows a series to build an audience, because
viewers can come & go at will. But the really best TV does just the opposite – it
starts with its maximum possible audience and gradually loses those who can't
keep up. Invariably the suits win. The network, after all, is their toy. Declining
revenue is never their idea of a good time. But when forced to live with
permanent modularity, these shows all sag & dissipate very quickly.