Crimbo Grotto welcomes Hekatchu (#65010) to the channel!
Crimbo Grotto (private): Welcome Hekatchu! Current players in chat are h2hbrianh2h, JekCromium, meow, Crimbo Grotto, keWANGji, LucySpace, and YOU!
keWANGji: Hey Hekatchu!
Hekatchu: hello everyone
Hekatchu: hey keW!
keWANGji: Queshion, if I baleet somebody, and they contact me on a multi, that's multi abuse, amirite?
Hekatchu: god it's late, but hey, I watched the newest harry potter and drank some beer... :)
keWANGji: Was it any good? >_>
keWANGji: The movie, not the beer.
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Hekatchu: hehe, yea, better than I expected, nothing special though, nice spelling-fights in the end

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Crimbo Grotto welcomes BAnDitGIRL (#637997) to the channel!
Farchyld: BG!
BAnDitGIRL: heya bobby!
keWANGji: Hi BG!
BAnDitGIRL: hi there kewangji!
keWANGji: How's you?
BAnDitGIRL: kinda tired :(
Farchyld: Skewrl needs to be beat. >.>
keWANGji: What?
Crimbo Grotto welcomes WelcomeToEarth (#596321) to the channel!
WelcomeToEarth sneaks into a corner and hides under a well-placed chair
keWANGji: Yay! Asta! :D
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Crimbo Grotto (private): Welcome Hekatchu! Current players in chat are meow, CraftyCritter, Crimbo Grotto, and YOU!
meow: hiya hekatchu
Hekatchu: lalala
Hekatchu: heya meow!
Hekatchu: how's life?
meow: actually crazy
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Hekatchu: crazy = interesting, lucky you
Hekatchu: o.O
meow: there is crazy itneresting and crayz beyond interesting into teh insane
meow: guh and sorry for them typos. I can spell. just not type apparently :<
Hekatchu: as not native english-speaking person i always find typos interesting ;)
meow: i am not native either but I do not thing that i s my excuse ..
meow: i am a bit dyslexic a bti inatentive and a bit my hands don;t seem to listen to what my brain says
meow: i am perfectly able to write a long script or code wihtout a typo.. but in chat conversations or text..
Hekatchu: hehe... to be udgnersnud by others is teh most importantest, and sometimes not to be creates a good mystical aura over the caster of the spelled word