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At frst t was smply lstenng to the next playng the game to see what steak and
fres have to do wth French culture. But t was. Way too late. Culture. Expectatons.
Perceptons. Sport. Geography. Defntons of werd thngs learned today TODAY
to read and understand everythng properly. Proposal PROPOSAL look what
learned n school ! have varous dsabltes ncludng autsm. And Speech and delays.
Well. You know. mean. That we can burn crushed olve seeds n place of ol.

SHE look at that. Somethng new ! Yeah ! Just like the earthquake n Sumatra.
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've decded to wrte about beng a housewfe. But the whole stuaton s mnd bogglng.
Wll stll see nghtmares regardless of meanng because have to explan that wll
focus on letters LETTERS lke letters ask students to summarze they have about
one lne break left. One has to allow a tny space n the head for contngency.
'Get a Google Poemin' New Sentence -patternista on i-kirjain "rikki". Tai siis, jos
hakulauseessa esiintyy sana 'i' (kuin 'minä', 'silmä'), niin ironisesti itse hakutu-
loksesta on
'i':t rankemmalla kädellä pyyhitty.